One of the key principles of integrative medicine is that patient and practitioner function as partners in the healing process. The paired concepts of “set” and “setting” reflect this partnership especially well. These terms were first used in the early 1960s by the researchers who pioneered the therapeutic use of psychedelic compounds. These scientists wanted to clearly differentiate recreational, cultural, and religious use from medical or psychotherapeutic application. “Set” and “setting” are now more widely used in a variety of health and healing contexts. While they apply generally to all facets of care, they are especially relevant in choosing a clinic for ketamine therapy.

The “Set”

The “set” (derived from the word mindset) refers to the state of mind you bring to the encounter, including mood, concerns, intentions and expectations. Setting goals or intentions is a powerful practice for maximizing the benefit from ketamine therapy. Establishing a positive mindset, clear expectations, and an openness to the experience can significantly influence your therapy. Intentions can be subtle or profound, big or small. Effective intentions will be personal and focused. Questions like “What am I hoping to change in my life?” or “What is keeping me from living in harmony with my values and beliefs?” may be useful. Your intentions may be more specific, addressing addiction or a particular trauma, for example. Putting an intention into writing makes it more tangible and easier to revisit; journaling after a treatment gives some patients an even deeper understanding of their healing process and often serves as a good resource for developing “set” for future sessions.

The “Setting”

The “setting” refers to the environment in which the treatment takes place. It includes factors like the office environment and the patient / practitioner relationship. A clinic that provides private rooms with comfortable chairs, soft lighting, and experienced providers offers an entirely different experience than a busy emergency room with stressed and overworked staff. Choose a clinic that feels inviting and safe. Treating providers should be medical professionals with experience administering ketamine. On the day of treatment, wear comfortable clothes and ensure that you have a supportive person to take you home.

As part of your “setting”, tend to your physical body as well. You and your care team may work on improving your diet, beginning or expanding a meditation practice, or adding supplements to your regimen as part of creating a physical “setting” that promotes a positive and healthful outcome. On the day of your treatment, simple things like wearing comfortable clothing, listening to music, getting enough rest, and bringing comfort items like a favorite blanket or an eyeshade can help make the experience more beneficial.

Our Philosophy at Satori Integrative Medicine Clinic

We want to share how these ideas of “set” and “setting” are built into the way Dr. Stoner practices at our clinic in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. Our model is built around partnering with patients and their larger care team to create an individualized plan that optimizes outcomes.

The initial visit is an evaluation / consultation in which we get to know you, your history, and your goals for treatment. It is at this visit that we begin to build the foundation of “set” and “setting” for your care here at our clinic.

In many ways our job is to create a “setting” that promotes a great therapeutic experience. Safety is our first priority: Dr. Stoner is a board-certified anesthesiologist, the clinic is fully equipped with necessary safety equipment, and you will be carefully monitored throughout your treatment. We have also created a simple yet inviting and comfortable space, taking care in designing the office layout, choosing artwork, lighting, furniture and other amenities without cluttering the environment. Our protocols and procedures are intended to make your experience in the clinic safe, efficient, and beneficial. We also lay the foundation for “setting” in the larger sense of the word – we talk about your treatment plan, whether you need additional workup or medication changes to safely undergo treatment, and review other activities that may help make the therapy more effective.

We are also committed to supporting our patients on their healing journey by helping them establish a positive and therapeutic mindset. During your initial visit, we talk about your “set”. We strongly encourage our patients to incorporate mind/body practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or qi gong and can offer resources or referrals as needed. Your own capacity for being grounded, intentional, and receptive is a key element in your treatment success. Another important component of “set” for undergoing ketamine treatment at Satori is that each patient must be actively engaged in therapy. We feel that it is essential for you to have a therapist who can help you set intentions and goals as well as process and integrate issues that surface during treatment.

Our mission at Satori Integrative Medicine Clinic is to facilitate the healing process for our patients and that we do it through an intentional and thoughtful partnership. Whether you come in for ketamine treatment, medical acupuncture, pain management or general integrative medical care, “set” and “setting” provide a way to build this partnership regardless of treatment modality.

In Glenwood Springs, CO, our integrative medicine clinic and ketamine treatment center offers ketamine infusions, integrative medicine, and acupuncture to those suffering from major depression, the depressed phase of bipolar disorder (bipolar depression), postpartum depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), pain syndromes such as fibromyalgia and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), also known as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), and addiction. We recognizes that treatment is both an art and a science, and will utilize conventional and alternative modalities to help our patients be the best they can be, given what they have and where they’re starting. If you or someone close to you would benefit from our services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment and/or learn how we can help you awaken to a new life.