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As our “One Good Thing” series continues, we share a potent self-care practice with our community.  It’s called toe tapping and it’s a super simple, super accessible movement that offers a host of health benefits, to name a few:
  • Relieve restless leg syndrome
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Stimulate lymph, lymphatic flow
  • Support immune system
  • Self-acupressure treatment for lower body
  • Provide grounding
We hope you enjoy learning about how to do it and how it might help you.

Toe Tapping Exercise – How To 

  • Starting position: Lie flat on your back, legs extended long, heels together, let your toes relax out to the side
  • Movement when tapping: With movement coming from the hips, bring toes together, tapping at the midline, then releasing outward
  • Have fun as you keep it going: queue up your favorite tunes (preferably with a toe tapping beat) and keep it going for a song or two, rotating at the hips, with your ankles and knees relaxed and uninvolved

Toe Tapping – Specific Applications

  • For restless leg syndrome, it’s recommended that you do this nightly, before sleep, for about 5 minutes.  It’s also helpful in the moment if an episode arises.
  • For anxiety, it’s recommended that you practice the exercise and become accustomed to it for about a month, during times when you are not feeling anxious.  After that, you can rely on it during anxious times to regulate your nervous system and bring ease.
  • For chronic pain, it’s safe to do this, but limit the time to about 2 minutes – in other situations, approximately 5-10 minutes per day is advised.
Many traditions utilize movement/contact like this for healing and energizing the body.  Massage therapists rely upon a technique called tapotement to deliver similar tapping strokes.  Many forms of bodywork, shiatsu, chi gong, tai chi and martial arts include techniques of tapping and otherwise vibrating the body.  Even astronauts are trained on vibrating equipment that “taps into” this same healing and strengthening response. You won’t need any special equipment though….you can do this lying in bed or at the beach.
We’ve included a few videos if you are interested in learning more:

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